"Jeff—I finally got a chance to get my Overland EMD SD60 back on the rails—fine work my friend! It hasn’t operated on my layout in 20 plus years. Just wanted to reach out and again, say thanks!!!"

—Wayne O., West Chicago, IL.    (See the model here.)


"Hi Jeff—I unwrapped and inspected the tender that you repaired for me. Just an OUTSTANDING!!! JOB. Better than original factory work! When you are dealing with models 30 to 60 years old that are not being built anymore it is a treasure to find someone who has the skills to repair them and keep them running. Thanks again for accepting this project."

—Mike B., Cambridge, WI    (See the model here, and another view here too.)


"Jeff, you are my first choice for this project. In fact, I talked to you about it via email before I spent my first dollar. You are a trusted advisor on this subject. I am certain once this project completes I will talk about it with others. I would recommend your Brass Model Train Consulting Services to others. I appreciate the ability to consult about the whole project with someone who has experience, and who has handled a lot of models. Being able to turn to someone with experience in these matters is invaluable when working with a high dollar, rare model. The hour or so of phone time is not expensive at all—and makes a big difference in the overall project. I think it's really a great service. Thanks again."

—Bruce H., Flower Mound, TX     (Click to see the full dialog here.)


"Jeff—I have always enjoyed how you share your knowledge of this great hobby. I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. None of us knows it all. So it really helps the rest of us when you share a thing like how to package and ship a brass model train to prevent damage to it. Thank you again!"

—Ronald C., Yamhill, OR     (Learn more on this topic here.)


"Well, I have to admit that I finally found someone who does better weathering than I do. The models are absolutely superb! They look exactly the way the prototypes looked. You nailed it right on the head. Congratulations from the person who is probably the most particular customer you will ever have. Thanks a million!"

—Bill McKown, W&R Enterprises.    (See the models here, and another here, and another here, a few more here, and a few more here too.)


"Extremely pleased with this excellent seller and their ability to continuely offer the best railroad slides and lightning fast shipping with the highest level of customer service that has made them the respected and trusted seller they are. Thanks again for another five star transaction."

—David M., Lancaster, OH    (Learn more on this topic here.)


"Hi Jeff—I received the four engines Saturday. They arrived in good shape. I'm pleased. I've been into HO scale trains for over 60 years. I've been gathering and working on brass models for over 40. I also retired from UPS with over 34 years of seniority. I want to complement you. I've been following you on the web for a few years and found your writing about the brass industry very interesting.  I also liked your writing on shipping brass models. Congratulations. As a former UPS employee I can attest to the fact that your packing methods would survive all but the rarest events that could take place with a UPS package. Again, thank you and carry on."

—Steven S., Wilmington, MA     (Learn more on this topic here.)


"Jeff—I just unpacked the models you sent back after weathering them. In a word SPECTACULAR. Well worth the wait and every penny. I will put together another project that will include freights cars and a locomotive. Thanks again."

—Bill P., Honolulu, Hawaii    (See the models here, and see a few more here.)


"I just received my passenger cars and I can say without a doubt, they are the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen. You put "Factory Paint" to shame. Thanks for the fantastic work."

—Tim F., Jamul, CA     (See the models here.)


"Your pictures don't do these models justice. The lettering looks painted on. The satin finish is exactly what I was hoping for. I couldn't be more pleased. 100% professional. The bar is now very high for anyone else. Thanks, Jeff!"

—Tony H., Katy, TX     (See the models here and see a few more here.)


"This is one serious class act. I take picky to a whole new level. Jeff took a few monster caboose models [ poorly custom painted by another shop ] and turned them into works of art. Easily on par with the best painters for PSC, OMI or CIL. Decals were so well done they look like the lettering was printed onto each model. Highly recommended."

—Steve B., Walnut Creek, CA     (See the models here.)


"Hi Jeff—I received my order today. Impeccably packed as usual and wow! What a model... irresistible. This will sit on my mantle in its pristine state for quite some time. BTW the required repair mentioned in your description took about 20 seconds. Many thanks."

—Richard W., Inver Grove Heights, MN     (See the model here.)


"Good morning Jeff—I unpacked the S Scale Brass locomotive last night and it was in excellent condition due in no small part to the exceptional care you took in packing, especially the pieces of foam to protect valuable areas like the pilot, tender steps and hand rails. You are to be commended for including this level of handling. I particularly appreciate this since the last Niagara I obtained [ from another brass dealer ] sustained damage in shipment... the box was in a vertical position at some point... engine facing down... concentrating weight on the pilot causing the solder joints to fail with secondary damage to the compressor shield and one of the running board steps. But with your packing expertise, not a problem at all. Thank you."

—Mike C., Norwalk, CT     (See the model here.)


"Hi Jeff—I wanted to thank you for the great model. It came as described and in perfect condition. I will be keeping an eye on your website. Thanks again."

—Jim B., Quincy, MA     (See the model here.)


"Jeff—The models arrived safely this afternoon and I'm staying up late to unpack and just sit back and look at them. Everything is absolutely perfect. I can't believe how you repaired the test car; it looks absolutely factory new. All of them look factory fresh for that matter. And of course your packing is exemplary! Thank you very, very much."

—Peter Y., Dallas, TX     (See the models here.)


"Jeff—The colors you used on my models are perfect. The lettering looks to be painted onto each model. Really well done."

—Mike R., Kansas City, MO     (See the models here.)


"Jeff—Beautiful. You're my new brass painter! The cement car arrived in perfect shape today—looks fantastic! For the next project I have a factory painted boxcar converted for grain services that I'd like you to weather. Thanks again."

—Mark S., Havertown, PA     (See the model here.)


"Awesome! Beautiful work! I'd wager to say these are now the two nicest painted and weathered examples of these particular models in existence!"

—Dan Glasure, BRASSTRAINS.com.    (See the models here.)