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April 2023 Great Northern Brass Model Blow Out Sale

Introduction to Selling Your Model Train and Railroadiana Collections

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  • Soldering Information  This is a very good resource for general information about soldering in professional environments.

 Better Operation for Our Brass Locomotives

  • Driveshaft Angle and Phasing (When remotoring old Brass Locomotives you MUST align the driveshaft between the motor and gear box or your model will have gear box wobble and surging during operation. This video explains why. Please be sure to have your sound turned up. The audio portion is more telling than the video portion.)
  • Driveline Troubleshooting (This is a good follow-up video to Driveshaft Angle and Phasing. When installing universal joints in our model locomotives, even a small amount of mis-match in the input and output connections will cause vibration. For a smooth running driveline have; 1) the shaft or tubing absolutely straight between motor and gear box; or 2) make certain that the input and output angles at each end of the slip shaft are identical; 3) With old plastic tubing connections between motor and gearbox any mis-match at all with the angles of the motor and gearbox shafts will create unavoidable wobble. When using plastic or rubber tubing make certain both shafts are 100% in line with each other.)

Brass Model Train Repairs and Safe Shipping Information

Joint Projects with DCC Installers

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