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Jeff Lemke Trains, Inc.

Brass Model Train Tech Support and Consulting by Jeff Lemke Trains, Inc.

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Getting the most from your Brass Model Train collection is about knowing your options, then applying your capabilities, to create better outcomes. Our Brass Model Train Tech Support and Consulting Services are designed to:
  1. Increase awareness about models you have; models you want;
  2. Improve your skillset when repairing and painting them;
  3. Optimize your workspace and processes to create more consistent, higher quality output;
  4. Help you to make better, more-informed buying and selling decisions;
  5. Educate you about better ways of selling your Brass Model Train collection.

Jeff Lemke's more than 40 years of working in the field of Brass Model Trains makes his industry acumen second to none. He gets right to the point by first listening to understand your needs. Then making recommendations for next steps that will increase your understanding and capabilities including making better informed go/no-go decisions about your Brass Model Train collection.

Brass Model Train Tech Support is priced at $39 per hour of phone consult. 

This fee-based consulting covers our time to provide you with a Brass Model Train Tech Support Service you won't find elsewhere. The process is simple. We cover a ton of ground over the phone so be prepared to take notes.

Here's how it works.

  1. You book an hour of time.
  2. We contact you through email.
  3. You respond with a general list of topics you want us to address.
  4. We schedule a time that's convenient for both of us.
  5. Then we call you. If more time is required that's easy enough to add.

For more information before you buy, please visit our TECH SUPPORT page for all the details.

Thanks for looking today. Cheers!