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Jeff Lemke Trains, Inc.

Remediating Foam Damage on Brass Model Trains by Jeff Lemke Trains, Inc.

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Remediating Foam Damage on Brass Model Trains by Jeff Lemke Trains, Inc. is a service we perform for clients around the world. Our hourly rate is $39. When you need a Brass Model Train cleaned of foam damage—expect great results from our shop. We work on steam, diesel, electrics, rolling stock, and structures—new or old, painted or unpainted, whole models, portions of models, and sub-assemblies too.

Demonstrated fluency in this Brass Model Train service discipline is important.

Case in point is this NJCB New Haven EF-2 Electric Locomotive. Our client bought this model from another dealer. The first image shows the model exactly as he bought it online. The model was shipped to him with the original old foam inside of the model box. That box image shows exactly what the old foam looked like BEFORE the dealer shipped the model. All of those messy images show rather perfectly what the customer received after paying for the model he bought. Frankly, it's a mind blower knowing that a well-known brass dealer shipped this model in that old foam. A dollar's worth of new bubble wrap would have prevented all of that damage. Old foam is invasive. It gets into every part of the model, inside and outside of the car body and drive train. And it must all be removed ASAP to save the model.

The balance of images we took and show how the model turned out after we remediated the foam damage. It's what we do.

FYI: If you buy a brass model and it shows up looking like a foam damaged mess—TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE—call us right away. The longer the foam is allowed to ATTACK the brass the worse the damage will be. Even a few weeks of exposure can completely ruin a brass model. Old foam eats through the clear coating and etches into the surface of the brass model. If you wait too long, the model may be valueless at that point.

Situational awareness is key here.

Only about 25% of foam damaged models can be repaired—but the only way to know for sure if your model can be saved—is to give us a call to discuss it. That's step number one.

Thanks for looking today. Cheers!