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Jeff Lemke Trains, Inc.

Shipping Brass Model Train Diesel Drives for Repairs to Jeff Lemke Trains, Inc.

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Repairing Brass Model Train Diesel Drives at Jeff Lemke Trains, Inc. is a service we perform for clients around the world. Our hourly rate is $39. When you need a Brass Model Train diesel drive repaired—expect great results from our shop. Besides diesels, we also on steam and electrics—new or old, painted or unpainted, whole models, portions of models, and sub-assemblies too.

Demonstrated fluency in this Brass Model Train service discipline is important.

Case in point is this set of six Overland Models Union Pacific Heritage SD70ACE Diesel Locomotives.

FYI: When shipping Brass Model Trains, be aware that diesel locomotive models are perhaps the most-frequently damaged of any of them. That's because the end railings and platforms can get crushed, bent, and broken inside of the model boxes during shipment.

When we perform Brass Diesel Drive Repairs, we generally recommend SENDING JUST THE DRIVES THEMSELVES. Please keep the bodies safe in your roundhouse while we repair the mechanisms for you. Ship the drives well packed inside of a large, sturdy box; not the original model box. This saves wear and tear on your original boxes too.

Please flip through our images for some pointers on how to safely pack diesel drives for shipment.

Situational awareness is key here.

Sending just the drive units is one of the best ways to prevent damage to the bodies of your diesel locomotive models. Making repairs to end platforms and pilots—especially on custom or factory painted models—is a very time intensive repair. Getting the paint to match again, post repairs, can be a whole 'nother project too.

Sometimes it does make sense to ship the entire diesel model—but only if it's packed properly. The best way to know about that BEFORE YOU SHIP IT TO US—is to give us a call to discuss it. That's step number one.

Thanks for looking today. Cheers!